Enlighten your home with awesome flooring

Flooring is generally known as covering of floor area with finish surface material over it. There are many types and methods of flooring which include covering materials like carpet, resilient flooring such as vinyl or linoleum flooring and area rugs. Most commonly used flooring materials are stone, ceramic (vitrified), terrazzo, wooden and other seamless chemical flooring.

  By looking at some flooring will create something delightful feeling. Some of the great categories of flooring are listed below.


Vitrified tile flooring

Vitrified tile is made up of with composition of clay, silica, quartz and feldspar. Well, it’s a most commonly used flooring in these days which exhibits reflector finish. This type of flooring is used in residential as well as commercial buildings like offices, Hotels etc..,


Wooden flooring & Laminate flooring

Wooden flooring is a product of timber which is designed for flooring this flooring gives resilient look to you home. Wooden flooring is used in residential as well as for commercial applications etc..,


Terrazzo flooring

A composite material of granite & marble chips, quartz, glass etc.., with a cementitious binder or physical binder is called as terrazzo flooring. Sometimes it is also used for wall treatments. Most commonly used in residential houses, commercial buildings, Holy places etc..,


Epoxy Flooring

A composition of resin and hardener where they chemically react each other to form a strong rigid plastic material called epoxy. It is hard and resistant to degradation and which can bonds perfectly with hard substrata. For industrial uses, one of the most demanding floors in these days.


Granite & Marble Flooring

Granite and marble are natural stones which are readily available by cutting with blades and made into slabs. The thickness varies from 9mm to 30cm and more on. Highly suitable for residential, commercial and holy places like temples, churches and masjids.


Vinyl Flooring

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) chips are solidified by heat and pressure forming sheets with variable thicknesses. These floorings primarily used in commercials and institutions.


Concrete Flooring

Some of the floorings are normally made with concrete with reinforcement to withhold excess loads as suggested by structural consultants. This type of floorings used for industrial purposes.  


Carpet floor

Carpet flooring is nothing but textile floor covering with upper layer grains (wool, nylon and polypropylene) are attached to a backing. Most commonly preferred in retail stores, hotels etc..,


VDF Flooring

Vacuum Dewatered flooring is placing of high-quality concrete in the floor and Dewatering will be immediately after placing the concrete which negotiates wrapping, shrinkage cracks, abrasion, tensile strength and compressive strength of concrete.