Smart Cities: A Big Dream Is Ahead

The highest brains of the country and all the individuals residing in the country have dared to dream a different India in the coming years. Our honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has been living a dream to dynamically change the country’s fate by incorporating certain changes in many sectors of the society. From providing better opportunities to the poor grade to Make in India project, the dream is big and in this dream smart cities holds a great place in order to provide the inhabitants with a more secure future. Smart cities are a huge leap forward towards development and advancement in every sector. Some 20 cities in the country have been the starting mark for the “smart cities’ mission.

The prime minister has exclaimed how urbanization to the new generation has to look like a prospect of eradicating poverty. Pune is the flagship of the ‘smart cities’ mission, and the highest administrative bodies are considering the smart city mission as an opportunity and not a problem. His plea to the people is to work in a comprehensive, vision oriented and interconnected manner. His urges to the smart people of the city to bring up new ideas to develop urban spaces and maintaining a social platform to share the smart ideas has been put to use in a good manner. The city of Pune is holding hands with the government and implementing the latest of ideas to create what all the inhabitants of the country dream of. Active participation of the people of the city in launching and inception of new ideas is what the government demands. Digital technology is the prime aspect of creating a city which is smart and Pune is living up to the expectations well. The ‘smart city mission’ exclaims well how the present government is focusing on finding ways moving forward. Pune has started its journey of becoming the first ‘smart city’ with 14 projects over their name. Solid and water waste management is another prime matter to look into. Urban renaissance is the proper term our prime minister has used to describe his journey towards creating the unusual for the country. Pune with offsetting ‘smart city mission’ has become the initiator of this great plan and is anticipated to create a benchmark for the other cities to follow and look up to.

“Smart cities” in reality have no specific definition, it is defined in different ways in various countries. In India, the idea of Smart city is defined as an urban region that has a great advancement in terms of the overall infrastructure. In a smart city, economic development is rationally incremental and sustainable based on success oriented market drivers such as supply and demand. ‘Smart Cities’ comes with the mission to benefit citizens, government, commercial and most primarily the environment. India’s smart city plan is a part of a larger agenda to create Industrial Corridors between the big metropolitan cities of the country. Some of the critical pillars and parameters have been set up in order to ensure a successful mission to design at least of two smart cities in each of the 29 states.

  • Smart Governance – The country has understood the need of around US$1.2 trillion to be spent in the transportation,energy and public safety to build smart cities. PPP model to be used to upgrade infrastructure in 500 urban areas.
  • Smart Energy – The crucial dimensions for smart and sustainable energy system is Smart Grid. Electric Supply of every household is a prime object to be kept in mind.
  • Smart Buildings – By smart building  we understand a great advancement in the construction sector of the society. Advanced modes of civil engineering,design,architecture and town planning is a very important way to provide make the smart city dream a reality.
  • Smart Health Hospitals – To establish six new institutes at the part with AIIMS, to uplift the total health sector and provide safety to the inhabitants.