Ventilation for all types of buildings

In any kind of building one, of the most prime aspect to look out for is the type of ventilation that building is offering. Along with the good design and great space management, a good ventilation circuit also plays a very important role when it comes to the total satisfactory completion of the project. The design demands to be in such a way that it can offer the people with all the modern commodities without compromising on the air circulation of the building. Ventilation is the intentional introduction of air and light into a certain space. The primary help ventilation serves, is controlling the indoor air quality by displacing and diluting the indoor pollutants. The process of ventilation ca be further categorized into certain types that include:

  1. Mechanical Ventilation
  2. Natural ventilation
  3. Mixed mode ventilation
  4. Infiltration

While mechanical ventilation deals with machines to control and perform the work of ventilation, natural ventilation is mainly concerned with the natural ways that can regulate the process of ventilation. The construction and engineering of the ventilation is a complicated process that involves a great amount of intelligent engineering coped up with good building materials. The main intention of the ventilation of any building is the entry of light, through the openings that are created.

The need for ventilation can be witnessed by the number of symptoms the system of the house shows. Most often after the completion of construction of the building, there arises a lot of problems that requires complicated and intelligent moves to eradicate the issues. Some of the noticeable symptoms are as follows.

  • Stuffy or stale conditions.
  • The odors coming from the outdoors or other concerned areas in the building.
  • Very high or low relative humidity, dampness or window condensation.
  • The imbalance of pressure between the inside and outside, which can make it difficult to open or close doors of any building.
  • Noise or drafts from air delivery vents.
  • The back-drafting or spillage of combustion equipment.
  • The accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Reports of comfort or health issues.
  • Unusually high utility costs.

Over the years, the experts of the environment and houses, have been coming up with newer ways to develop the ventilation process of any building, and a study very clearly shows why ventilation plays a very important role to make the total stay a comfortable one. Study of science has very well shown how people belonging to the buildings where there is the adequate amount of fresh air available and provided, results in more productive outcomes, than the people who reside in an inadequate supply of fresh air. Good ventilation is essential for a comfortable, healthy and also a fresh indoor environment. One must understand the significance of facility managers to tune the building’s heating, ventilation and also the air conditioning (HVAC) system so it can meet the requirements of the building occupants throughout the day. However, along with all the above-mentioned strategies to tackle polluted air, one other prime form of ventilation is through the doors and windows.  Doors and windows, if created with special care and constructed keeping the supply of air in mind can play a major role in air circulation and penetration of good amount of light. Intelligent and modern engineering has the ability to solve all the health issues in any vaastu.